Welcome to the UNBC Debate Society

Hi there,

Welcome to the UNBC Debate Society Webpage! Debate here at UNBC is a fun way to engage our internal community by making friends, discussing controversial topics, and of course learning and mastering the art of debate. Debate is also a great for our little school to compete on a global scale against other Universities all over Canada and the world.

We compete all over Western Canada every year hoping to put UNBC’s stamp in the debating circuit. In addition we have competed all over the world in debate tournaments including, The Philippines, India, Germany, and we’re heading to Malaysia this coming winter! You too can be a part of that by joining the debate society you will have the opportunity to represent UNBC and help us to win shiny trophies and fancy titles.

It’s not all competition though, we like to have fun too! We meet twice weekly during the school year to practice and just have a good time debating and getting to know each other. So if you want to see a topic in a new light, or just want to have a good time arguing head over to one of our meetings and trust me, you’ll fit right in.

Terrance Badham,

2014-2015 President

2 Responses to Welcome to the UNBC Debate Society

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi there. I’m wondering if your membership is restricted to current UNBC students only? If not, can someone contact me?

    • Hello Andrea!

      Sorry for the late response; our club is welcome to anyone! There are no restrictions. We try to accommodate for visitors if they wish to debate or watch, we are quite flexible.

      Our meetings should resume in September, I can let you know then when we have days of the weeks finalized. We meet at 6pm usually.


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